Saturday, 29 October 2011


Haha, I just wanna laugh, updating a blog can be a real burden sometimes,
Well, maybe coz I have nothing to tell?? Hurm, quite countless had happened, nothing to tell is just an excuse.

Since I am realizing that my life has changed which include my daily routines, habits, how I am spending my time, my money, energy to just go on with what we call life. Life is like this, life is like that. But how myself personally define a life? Defining can be a confusing process, I maybe can give a sentence of definition but for me the way I fill my life is the way I defines it. Haha, may I laugh again? Give me a break, my life has just begin as I'm not anymore in my comfort zone!

p/s: I am starting a new hobby, since I didn't have any real one before which for me not the definition of life that I prefer. So, READING is my special hobby, a true hobby which hopefully will remain for the rest of my life. Thanks for reading!

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