Tuesday, 29 March 2011

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Losing weight has been my big concern in these few days. What have you been thinking? Maybe some will say. My height is 1.54 meter and my weight is 56.5kg which is still in the range of normal weight.  However, another 3 kg addition to my current weight will cause me to be an overweight. , I always succeed in reaching my personal objective but always fail when it comes to losing weight. Not enough determination I think or just too optimistic by accepting “this is me”, I am who I am. My father is a type of person that heavily concern with the type food intake.  My family does not have any weight problem, they eat happily without having to worry much about an increased in weight where they apparently do not have that problem except me. Therefore it is not something needs to be questioned if I am becoming so worried about my current weight.
 Some people will look down on a person who concern so much about losing their weight, some would say, you are not confident about yourself. But tell me, confident I believe also derive from the success of our own beloved self achieving what they desired the most for the sake of your own body and health. For those Malaysian that are really confident and satisfied with their overweight and obese, I congratulate you for being satisfied enough and happy with it. But it really isn’t me.
I knew many of my acquaintances trying to lose weight; I believe most Malaysian desire a normal weight, weight easily gained but hardly loss. For those who are just in the same situation as me. Take care of your weight and avoid yourself from being the next Malaysia obese generation.
P/s:  I’ve started plan my meal intake. My concern drove me to these sites http://cekodok.com , http://www.kevinzahri.com/affiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=521_6 Wish that it may help you as well.

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