Monday, 21 March 2011

I'll come tomorrow

Since I am not interested with the position offered by Kelly Services, I have email them telling that how I am sorry and trying to explain how I am not fit for the position. Jessica, the HR exec replied my email this morning, asked me to come since there are other position available. After a while, I decided to come to their office for the interview tomorrow morning after the reschedule. I hope it went well.

I sent my resume almost every post for fresh graduates vacancies available and some exec positions, sometimes I wonder what actually I want the most? Fresh graduates commonly do not have much opportunity to choose First job for me is the most important step since it shows the path you are going to follow for the rest of your career life. I appreciates time very much, therefore I really really hope that my first job will be the most satisfied job because my future plans have lots of connection with it.

People say: You just accept whatever position they are offering, you are fresh graduate, you don't have much choice. Gain few years experience and try to apply for the post that you really want next time.

Me says: Few years experience waste years of my time if it is not related with the job I want the most. I will always make sure that my first job is in the right track with my going-to-be future career and I'll try, I'll try not to be too choosy.

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