Monday, 7 February 2011

What's next?

Hye everybody,

When I am writing this post, I was thinking what I am going to do after my practical training. I am a Finance Degree student, but in industrial training, I was placed in the commercial department. Many will say, it is okay though because most of the people are like that. You are not necessarily attached on your qualification when it comes to work. You have degree in whatever major,then you can work as an executive. I agree but never accept that.
          Experiences needed when it comes to work. It's true, cost and time will involve if a company hire a fresh graduates that does not have any experiences in related field. I want to pursue my study in Master Degree, that is one of my life goal. But since I was not performing enough to get any scholarship, I got the loan from PTPTN. Experiences guaranteed a job, inexperience graduate with Master Degree guarantee what? More liability for sure. So I decided to work after I finish my industrial training, I am going to search for the right track consistent with my field of study. Hard work will pay I believe and I try to be not so choosy.

Best Regards
Noruladila Mohd Ramli

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