Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Learning Process

My very old friend (she's not old) asked me where I am getting the idea to create a blog, my answer was I quite silly sometimes, I need to express and share with others what am I thinking and my views about it. But, that not just it.

We are the new generation, most of my friends are diploma and bachelor degree holder. You all are an educated people. However, a degree is not necessary to be knowledgeable. People enhanced their knowledge in many ways, increased the personal skills by reading, sharing and experiencing. Even other person experience will do something to us. Malaysian read an average of 2 book per year. So, I wonder from where are we getting more knowledge? I hardly know who among my friends are the real reader. Do not criticize your own views and capabilities. You have the right to point out your view, it is the country of democracy. Stupid ideas sometimes make marketing people rich. Brilliant people have brilliant ideas, do not waste it by keeping it to yourself. I would really love if my friends have their own blog where I can visit and share my views. But different people have different thought, make your way the best for you.

Have you ever know a quote The World belongs to the Learning People?

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