Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just Wondering

Today is 24th February 2010, no need to be mentioned actually, just to remind myself that another 1 and a half month left for my industrial training. Okay, back to the topic, I am new to the blogger, therefore I have done some research on how I can improve the quality and excitement of my blog. Some articles mentioned that the blog must have purpose, it is not all about you. oh really? But most of the blog I've visited telling all about the blogger themselves. Including me. So? For me, it is about your experiences and story that you want to tell your followers.. and of course to tell, even nobody will concern much about it, it is a reveal of emotion actually.

Talking about purpose, the reason why I am writing in English, because I am not so good in English, so far as I know writing, reading and talking can improve that. However I believes emotion can be more successful reveal when you used your native language, the language that you are excellent in expressing your emotions . Is it right? Actually I've done research about it too! Therefore, in future my blog will be in English and Bahasa.

Casual or Formal? I'll think about it later..

Thanks for the support


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