Sunday, 13 February 2011

Contact Lenses No More?

Dear Readers,

I have been wearing contact lens since I was 17 years old. I love wearing them since I finds it comfortable and convenient. Lately, my right eye feel itchy as something distract my sight when I am wearing the lens. I thought it may be cause by the long term effect of wearing them. Therefore I immediately decided to completely stop wearing the lenses and go for glasses as I am so worried that something unfavorable will happened to my eyes.

I told my parents and they agreed that I should stop wearing the lenses. Within the same week, I go to the optician and choose the frame and the type of lens (for glasses) which I preferred. While Loren, a Filipino optometrist examine my eyes power, she asked me on how long I have been wearing the lenses and asked all those thing regarded to the used of contact lenses. I told her everything including the reason for me to stop wearing them now. She told me, the reason my eye power does not increase and remaine the same as 5 years ago is because I continuously wearing them until I decided to quit now. She added that reducing the eye power and maintain the power is two main purpose of wearing them together with three other purposes which she can't remember. 

Wow, now I know why my sisters power keep increased as my eye power remained the same for five years. Loren advised me to not stop wearing the contact lenses, and that makes me err..cause I have decided to stop and I don't feel comfortable wearing them anymore. Therefore, I rather take a break and use glasses which I more preferred.



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